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Prikazani događaji

Tradicionalni kostimi


Croatian folk costume is diffrent in everyday life and for special occasions and for little girls and married women.

Women in Međimurje used to work very hard in the field, and they did not have much time for handmade and sewing womens folk costume is more layerd and a lot more complicated then, so women could not dress themselves.

They seat in folk costumes because they would crumpled.

Parts of a folk costume:

  • POCULICA- a lace head decoration
  • ŽINJE- braided stripes made from horsetail
  • ZDULCI- a shirt that goes under the costume
  • PLEĆEK- a shirt with puffy sleeves
  • FRAK- male winter jacket
  • ZIMSKI PLIŠNATI ANCUG- woman's suit with boots
  • DUGI FERTOF- apron
  • TIBET- ceremonial scarf (the final part of a costume)
  • ROBAČA I PODROBAČA- a skirt and a  petticoat
  • SPODNJICA (Z ŠLINGAMIN)- a petticoat with lace
  • PODROBAČA- a shirt that goes beneath the ceremonial shirt
  • GUZANJKA- pleated light skirt
  • KRATKI FERTOF- short apron
  • DUDEK- final top part (jacket)
  • GOMBOŠI- high shoes
  • POREK- the first part of a costume that goes beneath the dress (for nicer a appearance)
  • TIBET - ceremonial scarf (the final part of a costume)

Students in 1st grade singing and dancing on tradicional song „Klinček stoji pod oblokom”. 


The main elements of Sicilian folk costumes are tunic with wide sleeves and long full skirt .

The shirt is decorated with embroidery and lace , a skirt is pleated or wrinkled.

On the skirt comes apron . The apron can be tied at the front or the rear.

National costume can be different lengths and different colors .

Women wear scarfs on their heads.


The traditional female costume contains a cotton shirt with wide sleeves , colorful skirts with embroidered flowers at the bottom of a large velvet corset in black velvet with roses made of silk , striped apron with embroidered torso sequins and embroidered silk shawls and the flowers scarf.

Traditional man costume consists a white shirt with a collar, a red ribbon around the neck striped orange trousers drawn into boots, a black vest with brass buttons tied orange belt with longitudinal stripes and a hat with embroidered sequins and flowers.


Lithuanian national costume for women and girls consists of skirts , aprons (usually white with a broad pattern on the bottom), blouses and jackets . Typical elements that are still with it included a floral wreath on her head , and a hat trimmed with ribbon and a wide belt woven ornaments geometric shapes , mostly embroidered in red.

Lithuanian national costume for men and boys is simpler than the female and with less samples , consisting of shirts , trousers, jackets , light coats and boots . Waist bind belt woven embroidery , a colorful scarf around your neck or strips with motives . On his head is wearing hats or caps .


A girl is wearing a red scarf . She is dressed in a white shirt with black vest over which is bound red scarf . Wearing a black skirt with a red apron with a motif of roses.

 Student represents men's costume : black trousers , white shirt and black vest.


The traditional female costume includes the veil, vest and decorative comb. Mantilla is a traditional veil made of lace covering her head and shoulders and attached to the ornamental comb Peineta. Spanish women still wear mantille during Holy Week, bullfights and weddings. Black mantilla is worn during an audience with the Pope, and white for a church wedding or similar celebration. It is widely known traje de flamenco (flamenco dress) worn by dancers during a performance of flamenco, a very distinctive visual element of dance.

Men traditionally wear sombrero cordobés , broad-brimmed hat , which is usually black. They also wear high-waist trousers with a short vest (takes corto), decorated and embroidered , and  white shirt under the vest . All together connects a wide bandage on the waist . 


For women is very important to have a special hair ornaments and imaginative hairstyles . The hair is covered not from religious reasons, but as elsewhere in Europe, because of the convenience and beauty.

Turkey costume is full of vivid colors, luxuries, designs who are  breathtaking . In some periods, but today still are popular harem pants, shirt and vest with gorgeous gold coins and headgear.

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